Donor Stories

We are proud to share the stories of local donors as submitted by their family members.

Angie: Honored and Remembered

Mom was a loving woman whose smile illuminated the world. Her love for all was unconditional especially the love she had for her husband and her family.  She was a very lively person with a big heart. Her laughter was very unique, just by hearing her laugh it made us laugh too.

God called her into his kingdom on September of 2008 due to a car accident. Through her beautiful eyes we saw how much it meant to be a wife, mother, mother in law and a friend.  She would be very proud of the decision dad made to donate her corneas so that others are able to see the world as she did.

~Oralia Gomez, daughter of donor

Justin: Honored and Remembered

Justin was a very special child who touched everyone’s heart. He was a real charmer and lovable child. He never failed to say “luv you.”

The loss of our beloved three-year old, Justin, has been painful. In spite of our tremendous pain and shock, we agreed to donate Justin’s corneas. Through the miracle of transplantation, we hope other children have had a chance for a better quality of life.  As we go through the grieving process, we have comfort in knowing that part of our little boy still lives.

~Rose Garza, grandmother of donor